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Android vs. iOS comparison sheet
Android vs. iOS comparison sheet
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Q1What is Ancall?
It's the smartest low energy Bluetooth control device that can activate and control Apps on smartphones. This allows people to complete their required tasks without unlocking their phone, screen, find App, open App, and then activate the App. New functions will be added and upgradable via App update.
Q2Why do I need an Ancall?
Simply for your own safety! Just in case something happens, our SOS function can increase your chances of survival and getting help in time. Every driver should have one in their car and one carried around. For families that have seniors or children, multiple Ancalls should be placed at home. Office use? Of course, it'll increase your performance levels. For fun? Yes, we have functions that can simplify your fun life. Our tracking (finding items), geofencing, and information are for free so you don't need to waste money on buying trackers.
As a disclaimer, we must say we can't 100% guarantee your safety, but having an Ancall to increase chances sure beats having no chances at all!
Q3What do I get when I order an Ancall?
For our standard plan, you'll get one Ancall, one coin sized battery, one elegant strap, and free App to be downloaded from Google Play or Apple's App store.
If you want to live with style, our 100% handcrafted leather pouch or water resistant fabric pouch can be purchased optionally.
Q4What type of battery does Ancall use?
3 volts coin sized lithium battery, model number CR2032. Any known brand works (Maxell, Energizer, Toshiba, Panasonic, Duracell, Sony...).
Q5Where can I get Ancall?
You can buy an Ancall directly from our website.
Q6Where does Ancall ship to?
We ship to almost anywhere in the world. We will be working with major courier companies to ship worldwide.
Q7What are the precautions?
Make sure your battery has power and Bluetooth is connected with your phone. Don't go scuba diving with Ancall (it's water resistant, not waterproof), and don't go volcano hiking (use it under normal conditions : 0C~45C / 32F~113F as it's difficult for humans to survive in extreme temperatures). For messaging functions, make sure your phone's 2G/3G/4G or whatever G has connection via your telecom service provider.
Ancall is a smartphone controller and should be used with a smartphone under normal conditions. Do not expose Ancall to extreme environments of heat, humidity or direct sunlight; nor use it in life/death or safety critical situations. Remove battery if not used for long periods of time to avoid battery leakage.
Q8How do I exchange products?
Even though we want to implement the 6 sigma (99.999%) quality standard, there is still a 0.001% chance that you receive a faulty product, or the product was damaged during shipment. If this occurs, please contact us (, and we will guide you on how to exchange products.
Q9Can I get a refund?
Within 7 days after you receive the product and are really dissatisfied with it, and did not in any way try to break it, scratch it, or destroy it, send us an email. Our service team will give you guidance.
Q10I still have questions
For all other questions, contact us at:

Trouble Shooting

What Could be Wrong?

Q1The App doesn't seem to respond with my phone.
Technology keeps improving. Make sure your phone's operating system is V4.3 or above for Android and Version 9.0 or above for Apple iOS. We currently don't support Amazon's Fire or Microsoft's phone OS.
Q2My Ancall Device doesn't seem to respond.
Make sure there is still power in your battery. Please obtain a CR2032 3V coin sized Lithium battery from the market. When you install the battery, the LED light on our Ancall device will flash red & blue.
Q3How do I update the firmware of my device?
We are constantly improving our firmware. When your Ancall device and our App are connected, click on [System] in our App, then click on [Device upgrade]. You will be instructed to press on your Ancall device to conduct upgrade. Do not separate your phone and our Ancall device during this process.
Q4What do the LED lights mean?
Red light:
1. Blinks after you press on the Ancall device: This means that your Ancall device is not connected with your phone. Check to see if you have the App installed correctly and reconfirm whether your Ancall is connected with your phone.
2. Blinks when you press [Find Ancall] on our App: This is normal. The blinking lights may help you find Ancall in dark areas.

Blue light:
1. Blinks after you press on the Ancall device: This is normal. It means that the Ancall device and your phone are connected, and you command has been successfully sent to your phone.
Q5Takes a long time for BT to auto-connect
After you turn off the BT of your phone and then switch it back on, it usually takes 2~3 minutes for iPhone to auto-connect and 30 seconds ~ 1 minute for Android phones to auto-connect with Ancall again. Nothing we can do about this as this is the setting of the phones. We sure hope they can improve their BT configurations!