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Ancall Terms of Use
Thanks for using our online services (Refers to “Services” as follows). The Services are provided by INVENTEC BESTA Co., Ltd. (“BESTA”). BESTA provides members with convenient and easy services online in accordance with the following terms of use (“Terms”). To protect your rights, please make sure to read the Terms. When you register as a member of the website, or start using the services, you are deemed to have read, understood and agree to the Terms and all the content of "Privacy Policy". And as you have read the content, you agree the notification and consent of personal data protection. If you do not agree all the Terms or part of it, please do not register, and immediately stop using the services. Terms of use is as follows:
1. Information of Online Members
01. Before using the Services, it is required to provide correct personal information and register online as an Ancall member. When the registration is complete, Ancall members are able to log in the website, use the Services and join the Service-related sales activities. If there are any changes of personal information, Ancall members shall make sure real-time updates to protect their rights. Due to the out-of-date personal information, Ancall members fail to receive the information of rights & obligations of Ancall membership, consumer promotions and related activities, or the notification of changing or terminating the rights & obligations of Ancall membership, consumer promotions and related activities. Under this condition, Ancall members shall agree to have received such information or notification.
02. If personal information occurs the following situations, BESTA may refuse the registration and has the right to immediately suspend or terminate the member accounts, cancel the membership, or refuse to provide the Services: repetitive personal information, mistaken or false, deliberately fraudulent use of a person's name; infringement of a person's name, the exclusive right of a company’s name, trademark or other intellectual property rights or against the public morals, government regulations & rules, or the aim of the Services. Members shall not claim anything to BESTA and shall bear full legal responsibility.
03. Privacy: personal information of Ancall members are protected by Privacy Policy and the regulations of BESTA.
2. Obligations and responsibilities of Online Members
Members shall ensure the confidentiality and security of member account and password on their own. Members shall bear full legal responsibility for all the actions done by their member account and password and shall agree to abide by the following:
01. Members shall not disclose or provide member account, password and other relevant information to a third person. Except for the case of being fraudulent or theft, entering the website or using the Services with the member account and password are viewed as the activities of members, including but not limited to inquiring, searching, viewing, changing personal profile, obtaining relevant purchasing information, purchasing goods or services, and etc. Anyone including members shall not login and have the Services via using other account or password. For any violation, and therefore involves crime or infringes the rights of the third person, the violator shall take full legal responsibility.
02. In accordance with the Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights, parents or guardians shall protect and bear the responsibility of parenting for children and youths. If you are under twenty years old, or yet have full capacity to make juridical acts according to the law, you shall have your parents’ accompany to read the Terms. After your parents read through, understand and agree to the terms, you can begin to use the Services. When you use the Services, your parents are deemed to have read, understood and agree to all the contents of the Terms.
03. Members shall not have illegal purpose or use the Services in any illegal way. Moreover, members shall abide by the laws of Republic of China (R.O.C.) and international regulations of the Internet. If members use the Services outside the territory of the Republic of China, they shall follow the laws and regulations of local country or territory. Members shall not use the Services to infringe the rights of others, via performing the following acts (including but not limited to):
(1) Distribute or transmit any defamatory, abusive, threatening, offensive, indecent, obscene, false, against public morals or good customs or other unlawful texts, pictures, or files in any formats.
(2) Infringe other’s reputation, privacy, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patents, other intellectual property and rights.
(3) Against the confidentiality along with the law or contracts.
(4) Have the Services in a fraudulent use of a person's name.
(5) Transmit or distribute computer viruses.
(6) Spamming.
(7) Other improper acts that BESTA defines for a good reason.
04. If members use the Services to engage in acts of infringement of the other’s rights, or criminal activity, or any illegal acts, members shall bear full legal responsibility. BESTA will immediately revoke membership and permanently ban on the use of the Services. Moreover, BESTA will request all of the losses resulting from the above acts, including but not limited to loss of goodwill, referee fees, lawyer fees, and etc. For member account or password is fraudulent or theft, or occurs any security-related problems, members shall immediately notify BESTA Customer Service Center (Hotline: 886 2 8797-5111).
3. Change of the Services
Members shall agree that BESTA reserves the right to adjust, change, modify or terminate the Services and the Terms. Moreover, 60 days prior to the modifications, and take effect after BESTA publishes the modifications on the website, BESTA does not have to notify individually. Members have legal relationship with BESTA for their participation in the activities that BESTA holds and for their use of the Services, and the rights & obligations shall be in accordance with the latest revision of the Terms. If members do not agree the modifications or changes, they shall give BESTA a written notice prior to the effective date and both sides need to negotiate related issues. If there is no written notice prior to the effective date, members shall be deemed to agree to the modifications or changes.
4. Notice of Online Transaction
01. When members complete the online payment via credit card, BESTA will email the order number and details to members’ mailbox. (The one that members provide when they register the website). The notice only informs members of order receiving message from BESTA, and does not mean the transaction is complete. BESTA has the right to whether accept the order or not. Members can check delivery status through the website.
02. Once members carry out online transaction on the website, this means that they are willing to purchase the products or services and are willing to abide by the transaction rules. If members’ information (such as address, telephone number) has changes after purchasing, members shall immediately update the information online. Members are unable to make excuse for the information fails to match, and are unable to deny the purchasing or refuse to make payments.

03. For members use the Services to carry out online transaction, the consumers shall agree the recorded electronic transaction data as reference if any doubts occur. If the electronic transaction data is not correct, members shall immediately notify BESTA Customer Service Center (hotline:8797-5000) for handling.

5. Return of Products
01. According to the Consumer Protection Act, for online transactions, the consumers are offered the right of free return within 7 days.
02. For the return of products, the consumers shall keep complete product, free gift, accessory, package, and all attached documents or data. Paper receipt shall be returned together with the products. Otherwise, BESTA is able to refuse the return of the products and refuse to refund the payment.

6. Delivery of Newsletters
Member shall agree that BESTA will randomly send out newsletters or product information (EDM) to member’s registered e-mail account. Only when the members refuse to accept marketing messages when receiving the messages, BESTA will stop sending marketing messages.
7. Interruption or Suspension of Online Services
If BESTA occurs computer problems or information system errors, BESTA shall have the right to stop providing the Services until the errors are resolved.
8. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
01. Intellectual property rights belong to BESTA or the users shall obtain license from the work of owner. Intellectual property rights are software and program that BESTA uses, and all content on the website (including but not limited to): books, pictures, files, information, data, website structure, webpages, website design, and etc. Anyone, including members, shall not use the works/ materials in any ways, if without beforehand written consent or license from BESTA or the work of owner. For any violation, BESTA will immediately revoke membership and permanently ban on the use of the Services. Moreover, BESTA will request all of the losses resulting from the illegal acts, including but not limited to loss of goodwill, referee fees, lawyer fees, and etc.
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